Please call the Damascus Help Hotline at 301-253-4100 if you are interested in volunteering for or need more information about any of these opportunities to serve our local community.

Officer of the Day (OD)Volunteers answer phone calls to the Damascus Help assistance line. Click here for additional information.
Food Delivery DriversThe volunteer drivers receive the information from the OD and then retrieve the needed food from the Pantry and deliver it to the client. The driver may choose to be on duty one or more days or evenings a month.
Food Supply/Storage AssistantsVolunteers go to the Pantry and sort the food, discard outdated food, and place the food on the appropriate shelves. Individuals also pick up food from various food drives and take it to the Pantry. This job would be on an as-needed basis (Days or Evenings)
Food & Paper Goods PurchasersVolunteers in these positions are reimbursed for purchases made for the organization with prior approval. Click here for additional information.
Furniture MoversVolunteers pick up furniture and household goods from donors and deliver to needy families under the guidance of our Furniture Committee. Movers need a large vehicle and a strong back. Movers are generally called upon for about 2 hours, one day per month.
Crop Walk VolunteersVolunteers work with our Crop Walk Coordinator to recruit groups of people to walk and raise funds to help the hungry both locally and worldwide in our annual fall Crop Walk. Volunteers are also needed to help orchestrate the Crop Walk.
Holiday Basket VolunteersVolunteers help at Thanksgiving and Christmas to pick up holiday food and gifts and deliver to the families in need.
Translators Volunteers are on call to provide translation in Spanish, French and other languages for clients requesting Damascus HELP services.