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Officers of the Day (OD)- Our telephone volunteers are on duty one day a month. They collect the information from the clients and then pass the information on to the appropriate individual for them to take the action needed. The client may need food, prescription coverage, utility payments, or transportation.

Food Delivery Drivers- The volunteer drivers receive the information from the OD and then retrieve the needed food from the Pantry and deliver it to the client. The driver may choose to be on duty one or more days or evenings a month.

Food Supply/Storage Assistants- These volunteers go to the Pantry and sort the food, discard outdated food, and place the food on the appropriate shelves. Individuals also pick up food from various food drives and take it to the Pantry. This job would be on an as needed basis (Days or Evenings)

Food Pantry Purchasers - These volunteers would purchase eggs, margarine, and other perishable foods as needed.

Paper Goods Purchasers - These individuals would purchase these items as needed to keep the Pantry stocked.

Transportation Drivers- Volunteers are occasionally needed to drive clients to medical appointments or social service appointments. Forty eight hour notice is given to the volunteer. Transportation is provided at the volunteer's convenience.

Furniture Movers- Voluteers pick up furniture and household goods from donors and deliver to needy families under the guidance of our Furniture Committee. Movers need a large vehicle and a strong back. Movers are generally called upon for about 2 hours, one day per month.

Crop Walk Volunteers- Volunteers work with our Crop Walk Coordinator to recruit groups of people to walk and raise funds to help the hungry both locally and worldwide in our annual fall Crop Walk. Volunteers are also needed to help orchestrate the Crop Walk.

Holiday Basket Volunteers- These volunteers would help at Thanksgiving and Christmas to pick up holiday food and gifts and deliver to the families in need. A food sort takes place in November where volunteers are needed.

Spanish Speaking Volunteers- Volunteers are especially needed during the holidays to provide occasional translation for client's requesting Damascus HELP services.

Translators - Volunteers who can be on call to provide translation in Spanish, French and other languages for clients requesting Damascus HELP services.


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